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Throughout history, craftsmanship has been an essential part of our lives. Manifested in local products, techniques and practical knowledge, it also helped us stay grounded and connected. But now, in an era where mass-production has almost entirely replaced traditional skill sets, we start to realize what humanity is losing. This documentary examines the important role that handcrafts can play in contemporary design culture. We accompany designer Emmanuel Babled across Europe, looking at the many facets of this challenge. How can new technology and tradition be combined in a meaningful way? Can we create a relationship that is mutually beneficial for artisans and designers? Is it possible to make such methods of production sustainable on a social and ethical level? And if so, what is the path forward?

Director: Marco Sweering
Year: 2017
Duration: 30′
Country: The Netherlands
Language: Original language with English subtitles

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Dr. Jean-William Pape, Haitian infectious disease specialist and Director and Founder of Les Centres GHESKIO, has dedicated his career to combating diarrheal diseases that harm and kill Haiti’s poor. Dr. Pape worked with MASS Design Group to design a project that used the construction process to address the underlying structural and social conditions that allow cholera to thrive. This documentary tells the story how GHESKIO and MASS Design Group invested both in long-term infrastructure and the Haitian people to heal the community, after a large-scale earthquake devastated Haiti and its already weak public infrastructure, in 2010.

Director: Tatcher Bean
Year: 2017
Duration: 23’53”
Country: Haiti
Language: English

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A journey through intelligent manufacturing and the renowned Brianza area, a symbol of the ability to make beautiful things that gain worldwide recognition. A story that began in 1898, in the family’s Meda workshop, and that today, with its 120 years of history, is being told to audiences in cities around the world. The re-reading of the past becomes the starting point for reflecting on the new factories and on present and future digital processes. Tradition and innovation, local area and projects, and challenges and transformations are intertwined in a narration constellated by interviews, which tell the many stories of the key players, both within and outside the world of the company. First and foremost, Carlo Giorgetti, grandson of founder Luigi, who gave the company a new direction by branching out into the States as early as the 1930s.

Director: Francesca Molteni
Year: 2018
Duration: 32′
Country: Italy
Language: Italian with English subtitles

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Silo 468

Silo 468 captures the design and construction process of a permanent light installation in Helsinki, Finland that was built from an old silo and now serves as a community space. The silo, designed by Lighting Design Collective of Madrid and documented in the film, is the result of a competition held by the City of Helsinki in 2011. The contest reviewed submitted proposals for a permanent urban light art piece that would draw focus to the start of a major urban development within the city.

Director: Antti Seppänen
Year: 2014
Duration: 37′
Country: Finland
Language: Original language with English subtitles

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About The Milano Design Film Festival (MDFF) World Tour

Highlight event video of the Milano Design Film Festival on October 2015

The vision of the MDFF World Tour is to bring to the audience the world’s best design and architecture films.

MDFF screens inspirational, educational and entertaining films and documentaries related to architecture, design, city, sustainability, art, fashion and food from independent filmmakers around the world. The MDFF World Tour includes “Design in Film: The Italian Creativity”, a yearly format of titles dedicated to the Italian design culture and biopics, a selection of documentaries of varying lengths and styles covering topics such as stories of designers of the past and present and reports on great social themes spanning from urbanization to economic globalization and environmental issues. Its goal is to create a cultural connection between countries and to enrich their yearly MDFF Milanese event in October with titles emerged from this cultural bridge. The MDFF World Tour looks forward to bringing the world’s premier design films to Egypt’s creative community at the FMD 2019 event.

About the MDFF Cofounders


MDFF curators Antonella Dedini and Silvia Robertazzi (left to right)

MDFF curators Antonella Dedini and Silvia Robertazzi (left to right)

Antonella Dedini

Ever since graduating from Milan Polytechnic, Antonella Dedini has been seeking out projects and teachings that excelled her abilities. Founding the very first Italian school for Interior Design in Milan, the Interior Design Institute, Antonella continued to teach and excel in passing down her knowledge, creativity and thirst for creative design until she founded MiCue Milano Design, and thus beginning the adventure of the Milan Design Film Festival.

Silvia Robertazzi

With a strong background in Art History, Silvia Robertazzi has partnered with Antonella in establishing MiCue Milano Design and cofounding the Milano Design Film Festival. Prior to this, she was the managing editor of various publications, including Case da Abitare, and Casamica, and worked as a journalist at some of the most prestigious Italian entities including Elle Decor, Io Donna and Casa Vogue. Born and raised in Milan, the city has inspired Silvia in so many levels and grew her passion for “Contemporaneousness”.

Today, both Antonella and Silvia travel the world, not only collecting memories, but also inspiration and new friends.